Our Services
Software Engineering

Keubik delivers a spectrum of software products and solutions on a retail and enterprise level. As your partners, we promote that Innovation is the impetus to growth and efficiency. We believe in innovating with our clients every step of the way in order to thrust them to the forefront of their industry. How we do it:

  • Build tailor-made software solutions
    Proprietary software fortifies your organization in terms of technology. This is true both for internal corporate tools and software that enables consumer interactions. With us, you can build robust systems, augment them with engaging UX/UI, and provide comprehensive security
  • Achieve Go-to-market
    We will help you release great software against tight schedules to meet the ever-growing customer expectations
  • Use Frontier Technology
    We apply the foremost technologies and architecture to rebuild solutions and make them work smarter, last longer, and scale easier
Technology Consulting

Technology is pivotal in assisting your business growth. The efficiency and business merit of technology-related ventures are attained by doing the right work at the right time. With the right combination of technology, you can successfully resolve the most taxing business challenges.

  • Recognize and reduce business continuity risks
    Businesses relying heavily on IT, need to be sure that the technology platform is secure, integrated, stable and scalable. We will lead you through an efficient assessment process to identify and eliminate the possible sources of threat, latency or miscommunication
  • Select the right mix of technologies
    By examining your needs and requirements, we will recommend you on the technology stack and tools that fit your business model and operations. We will also assist you in the integration and adoption of these products and solutions
  • Predict the implementation of new tech
    By constantly exploring new and emerging technologies, we develop a vision of how they can enhance your business and the market benefits they can achieve. We will draw your attention to the most well known innovations and provide you with their analysis
IoT Development

Keubik, empower organizations from Agriculture, Logistics, Transportation, Retail and beyond to take complete advantage of connected things and smart business ecosystems. We assist businesses in bringing the Internet to their devices to boost productivity, improve performance and generate opportunities for additional growth.

  • Instrument your processes more optimally
    We will help you develop a centralized command over your applications, data-flow, infrastructure and services. Optimize your organization’s efficiency and significantly reduce the total delivery time of your products and services
  • Increase customer engagement
    Use connected devices, smart meters and sensors to gather consumer insights, allowing to improve personalization and customer engagement. Set up an environment for collecting valuable consumer data, to help you enable a smart, personalized user experience and drive your sales
Data Science

Keubik will help you in making the most of the data you have. We offer a complete data science consulting service that works towards your ultimate business objectives - increase revenue, optimize processes and reduce costs. Adopt advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to experience exponential improvement in your various business processes. How we do it:

  • Facilitate smart recommendations
    -With personalized product recommendations, you can engage more leads and convert them into customers faster. With this, you can increase your order value as well as reduce overhead cost
  • Make better business decisions
    Convert your organization’s information into business insights and provide key stakeholders with actionable data to power more efficient business decisions
  • Manage risks more effectively
    We can help you integrate predictive analytics into your business operations to let you instantly quantify your foreseeable success, failure, opportunities, risks
  • Enhance organizational performance
    With Data Science, you can ultimately optimize operations and automate your processes, improve controls, as well as measure and manage performance and productivity
UX Consulting

Great UX improves conversion rates, boosts revenue and creates a competitive advantage for your business. At Keubik, we deliver high-quality, meaningful user experience that will drive your sales and make your brand flourish. We analyse usage data and apply data-driven design techniques to create products that satisfy the needs of your end-users. How we do it:

  • Validate the business value of your product
    Don’t need to spend money on the development until your business idea is validated. We apply the Lean approach and iterative prototyping to build, test and measure the usability of every feature before it is implemented. So, you can drive ROI and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
    Great visual design pulls users in, but usability is what makes engaged and loyal customers continue buying from you as well as spread a good word about your product or service. We know how to create products that combine usable information architecture with compelling UI to improve customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

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